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Why Working at a Standing Desk Makes Your Employees More Productive

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Why Working at a Standing Desk Makes Your Employees More Productive

 Why Should You Use A Standing Desk?

We spend a lot of time sitting. In fact, estimates show that between work, home, and commuting, we spend an average of 9 hours a day sitting down. When you add in a good night's sleep, we spend about 70% of our day relatively motionless.

There's quite a lot of evidence that lack of motion contributes to a lack of energy, focus, and creativity. Warning: Spoiler Alert - Sitting down to work, the way most of America does today, deeply limits productivity. It's just not in tune with how our mind and body are designed to work.

Have you ever wondered if the way you work is holding you back? Should you use a Standing Desk?

Do Standing Desks Make You More Productive At Work?

One study revealed a very interesting insight into our brains and our efficiency. They found that, working out "regularly" doesn't boost your productivity or happiness in the work day if you haven't worked out that day. That's an amazing find, and one that goes against our conventional knowledge.

If you really want a boost in productivity, you have to keep your body activity up during the workday. Sitting for long periods is like mental quicksand!

Standing Desks And Productivity

The body likes to move, it gets the blood pumping and energy flowing. Just taking a walk can instantly improve our focus and efficiency and completing tasks. Simply standing increases productivity and efficiency by 10%. So why force your employees to sit down to work?

What Are The Benefits Of Using A Standing Desk?

1. Standing Makes You a Better Employee. Seriously.

Power through your work faster with these 5 incredible benefits of standing while you work.

Standing can Now, that's the kind of adding up we like! Standing not only gives you a sense of urgency, but it decreases the temptation to be distracted by social media or some other trivial time-waster. Because standing is associated with action, while sitting is related to relaxing or downtime, standing will help you focus on the tasks at hand.

2. Your Employees Will Have More Energy

There's a reason the Energizer Bunny never sits down. If you want more energy, stand up! Standing Desks mean More Energy. More energy means those tasks are practically completing themselves because you and your team are on in the zone!

3. Your Employees With Be Healthier

Sitting for long hours is bad for your health. Sitting for 8-11 hours a day can actually increase your risk of premature death by 15%. It also increases your risk of developing other diseases. People who sit for most of the day increase their chances of breast and colon cancer, as well as, diabetes by about 25%!

Plus, after sitting for only an hour, your fat burning enzyme, LPL, can decrease up to 90%! That's not good! Especially after lunch! Standing increases your heart rate and adds up to about 30,000 calories burned over the course of a year.

That's like running 10 marathons while getting a lot of work done at the same time!

4. Office Morale Will Increase

Our customers, like Reddit, have found that their employees are more likely to walk around the office and engage with their coworkers. This creates a real sense of team morale and encourages collaboration in the workplace, which is a great benefit to your company. No more feeling tied to a desk! Your employees can easily mingle and your company will develop a healthy, interactive culture.

5. Have Your Cake and Eat it Too (This saying was probably started by someone who was sitting down. Just sayin'.)

Nobody wants to stand up all day—after a while, you need a break and it feels really awesome to sit down. In fact, one mistake we see people make all the time is buying a stationary standing desk. After the first couple days of standing for hours, they are ready to throw it away. That's why this guy is standing on an inflatable!

Standing is a great, healthy way to work, but you don't want to abuse your body by standing too long without a break. You should give your legs and feet some rest every hour or so, or alternate between sitting and standing throughout the day.

An electric standing desk will allow you to easily transition from standing to sitting. You'll also have the added benefit of selecting the perfect desk height no matter what position you prefer at the time.

A Company That Stands To Gain

We believe great companies are built by happy employees who love what they do and enjoy where they do it. There's a lot of things you can do to improve your company culture, but helping your team have more energy throughout the day is a great place to start.

Stop ignoring wasted time and a sluggish workforce. Get your employees on their feet and enjoy the efficiency benefits of a healthier, happier workforce.

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