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Are Standing Desks Good For Kids?

  • 2 min read

If you're like most parents, you're always looking for ways to get your kids to be more active. Standing desks have become increasingly popular in recent years as a way to promote movement and combat sedentary behavior. But are they appropriate for kids?

The answer is yes! All of the great health benefits that adults enjoy from using a standing desk are also available to children, and for many of the same reasons. 

Why Standing More is Better For Kids

Standing desks are good for kids for the same reasons they're good for adults. First, standing helps to combat sedentary behavior, which has been linked to a host of health problems including obesity, type 2 diabetes, and cardiovascular disease. Second, standing desks encourage kids to move more throughout the day, which is essential for developing strong bones and muscles. Also, standing has been shown to improve focus and concentration, which can lead to better grades in school.

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When Should Kids Start Using a Standing Desk?

There is no one-size-fits-all answer to this question, as the age at which kids should start using a standing desk will vary depending on factors like height and maturity. However, a good rule of thumb is to start around age seven or eight. By this age, most kids are tall enough to use a standing desk without difficulty, and they also tend to have the attention span and focus necessary to work at a standing desk for prolonged periods of time.

Take It Slow and Steady

Like adults, kids will need to slowly adjust to standing for long periods of time. Start by having your child use a standing desk for just 15 minutes at a time, and then gradually increase the amount of time as he or she becomes more comfortable. Also, be sure to provide plenty of opportunities for movement breaks throughout the day, whether it's going for a quick walk around the block or playing an active game.

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As always, listen to your kid! If they think they're standing too much, or if their legs are sore, or anything else, don't make them keep standing. It's supposed to make them feel better, not worse! 

What Activities Can Kids Do at a Standing Desk?

One of the great things about standing desks is that you can do anything In addition to doing schoolwork, there are a number of other activities that kids can do at a standing desk. For example, standing desks are great for arts and crafts projects, puzzles, and even playing video games. Basically, any activity that can be done sitting down can also be done standing up!

Standing desks are a great way to promote healthy habits in kids of all ages. Just be sure to start slowly and listen to your kid's feedback to ensure that standing is comfortable and enjoyable. You and your kid can collaborate on a desk of their very own using our build your own StandDesk tool. Try it out!