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GeekDesk vs. VariDesk: Sit and Stand Desk Comparison

  • 5 min read

GeekDesk vs. VariDesk: Sit and Stand Desk Comparison


If you're about to take the plunge into standing while you work, you're probably focused on a desk that's flexible. A standing desk shouldn't be "all or nothing." Having the freedom to switch between sitting and standing in the space of minutes can help you adjust to your new lifestyle without sore muscles or other side-effects of a rapid adjustment.

As manufacturers of a really great standing desk, we have to admit that we're a little biased towards our own product. However, we've done a ton of research on the available options and learned a few things about the competition along the way to help you make the right decision. In fact, we don't believe there is such thing as the "best" standing desk, just options that are the best for you.

In this blog, you'll learn about two common options for height-adjustable standing desks, the GeekDesk and the Varidesk, and how to tell if either one is right for you.

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geekdesk - standing desk

GeekDesk has been described as a "pioneer" since they were among the first to offer height-adjustable standing desks way back when most people spent their days in seated position. The latest generation of their desks is pretty similar to the first round of production. If you've ever encountered a GeekDesk in the wild, chances are, it's almost identical to the models being sold today.

GeekDesk Pros




    • Very tall customers can purchase "casters" to extend 49.4'' max height


    • 5 year steel frame warranty


    • 2 year "moving parts" warranty


  • Can be purchased as a frame-only

GeekDesk Cons


    • Only two desktop finish colors available


    • Slower motor


    • Louder motor


GeekDesk Pricing

Per the manufacturer website, pricing for the GeekDesk Max starts at $949 for a small frame and $985 for a large frame. Customers can expect to spend an additional $20-$175 when selecting the desktop finish of their choice. If you are in the continental U.S., you can expect to spend between $969 and $1160 on a GeekDesk Max.


varidesk - standing desk

While VariDesk now offers two complete, height-adjustable standing desks, most of their products are "stacking desks." This brand's best-known work stations, including the Pro 36 and the Pro Plus 48, are designed to sit on top of your existing desk top. The desktop stacking options are height-adjustable to facilitate transitions between sitting and standing.

VariDesk Pros


    • 11 different height settings


    • Comes fully assembled


  • Spring-assisted lift mechanism for easy on-the-fly adjustment

VariDesk Cons


    • At 50 pounds, may be too bulky for some customers to move or lift on their own


    • Cannot be used as a treadmill desk


    • Comparatively limited height options


    • Some reviewers complain of "stability issues" when typing while standing


    • At 24'' to 27" may be "deeper" than some customer's desks


    • Users above 5'10'' have found that the extended height of 17.5'' is too short


    • Supports a maximum of 35 pounds


  • One-year warranty

VariDesk Price

The VariDesk Pro 36 is currently listed at $395 on Amazon. The Pro Plus 48 is $495. Pricing for full standing desks is approximately $595 and up.

Depending on your width preference and any additional desk accessories purchased, you can expect to spend between $395 and $685 for a VariDesk.


Is the VariDesk or the GeekDesk Best?

If you're seriously thinking about the VariDesk or GeekDesk, it may be important to think beyond the basic product specs, pros, and cons. Here are some factors you should keep in mind before clicking to buy these products.

1. How Tall Am I?

If you're over 5'10'' and your existing desk is on the short side, the Varidesk might not add enough feet and inches to allow you to work without neck and back strain. The GeekDesk with casters, or another manufacturer entirely, could be a better option.

2. Do I Want to Retain My Existing Desk?

If you're one of the rare folks who sincerely loves their existing sitting desk, you may be fond of the fact the Varidesk will allow you to keep your existing furniture.

3. How Quickly Do I Need it?

Sitting standing desk manufacturer shipping times can vary, but it may be wise to give GeekDesk a call before you commit to ordering if you're in a time-crunch. Back-order dates can run as long as five weeks.

4. What Colors Do I Want?

Some standing desk manufacturers offer a wide handful of desk finish colors, as well as a few different selections for frame. Both GeekDesk and VariDesk offer relatively limited options for color schemes, unless you're willing to add your own desktop.

5. What are My Aesthetics?

VariDesk's look could be best described as "modern," while GeekDesk's appearance is "minimalist." Both aesthetics have an appeal, but it can be wise to consider how the look of these desks will fit into your work or home office.

6. How Heavy is My Work Equipment?

If you're a major computer geek or like having tons of reference manuals within arm's reach, the low weight capacity of the VariDesk might not be able to handle the way you work without stability issues.

7. Can I Lift (or Get Help Lifting) 50 Pounds?

For some customers, the weight of the VariDesk can be a lot to handle. If you're unsure whether stacking the VariDesk could put a strain on your back, it may be wise to avoid this one unless you can enlist help from your coworkers.

8. Do I Want to Add My Own Desktop?

If you or your employer are picky about color schemes or materials, selecting a standing desk manufacturer that allows you to purchase a height-adjustable frame without a desk top can be an aesthetic advantage.

9. What About Warranties?

Standing desk manufacturer warranties can vary significantly. However, they can come in very handy if you experience an equipment failure weeks, months, or years after purchase. Budget-conscious buyers may wish to consider how the one and two year warranties of the VariDesk and GeekDesk stack up against competitors.

10. Is Another Manufacturer Right For Me?

There's an abundance of options when it comes to standing desks. If you have a fear of commitment when it comes to buying either a GeekDesk or VariDesk, it may be best to keep looking for an option that's a better fit for your budget, preferences, height, or overall needs.

The right standing desk has the potential to improve your quality of life drastically by boosting your physical and mental health. The wrong desk? Well, that can just be a literal pain in the upper back. Carefully researching your needs when it comes to ergonomics, price point, aesthetics, and function can be crucial to ensuring you get what you need from a standing desk.

StandDesk knows that your desk is more than just a piece of furniture. It's a lifestyle commitment.

The right desk can transform your health and happiness. That's why we're committed to offering best-of-class options for ergonomic, high-quality standing sitting desks at an affordable price.



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