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Build Your Own Standing Desk

Build Your Own Standing Desk

Build Your Own Standing Desk

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Top Material Black Laminate

Top Size 50" x 30"

FrameStanding Desk Pro Frame w/ 2 Button Handset - White

HandsetDeluxe Memory Handset

We’ll openly admit that we love creating our own combinations. But we love it even more when our customers get in on the action. So, knock yourself out—mix, match, and make it yours.

We agonized over every component you see here. The materials. The colors. The base options. The variety of sizes. Every option reflects our annoyingly high standards, which we somehow deliver at super-affordable prices. Go figure, right?

If you’ve gotten used to sitting work, you’ll feel a new sense of freedom with a standing desk. Seriously. It’s good for your body and mind. And although we can’t make any promises, many of our customers report a positive boost in their mood and productivity.

So, what’ll it be? We look forward to seeing what you put together.

Just Right for Your Height

Stand on demand by adjusting the height of your electric standing desk. It ranges all the way from 24.5" to 50.25"—just right for people between 5'2" and 6'5".

Never Worry About Wobble
We stand for stable, strong products, which is why we build each desk frame using top-quality steel. Our desks stay sturdy and never warp or wobble like others will. And for a smooth finish, our expert craftsmen coated it with environment-friendly, non-toxic imported materials available in black, white or gray. 

A Motor with Muscle
At the speed of 1.3"-1.5" per second, our motor operates smoothly—even when lifting a whopping load up to 400 lbs. And because the whirring sound never gets louder than 44 decibels, you can adjust your desk's height without causing any noise complaints.

Unquestionable Quality Guaranteed
Every StandDesk including this one comes with a limited 10-year warranty—one of the longest desk warranties in the industry—for its durable steel frame. We also throw in a 5-year warranty for the motor and electronic parts comprised of the controller and keypad. You know, because we care.

Built to Accessorize

Get the most out of working while standing with everything else we make. Keep cables and cord neatly and safely organized with our cable management taco or cable tray. Power your electronics with our power strips and clever grommet hole power adapters. You didn’t forget to stay comfortable throughout your day with a standing mat or office chair, did you?

Need something? Anything?
If you ever have an issue, we have real people standing by and ready to help.