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Why Should You Use A Standing Desk?

  • 4 min read

What Are The Reasons To Buy A Standing Desk?

When it comes to working in an office one thing is certain - it isn't healthy to sit all day long. Numerous medical studies have shown that a sedentary lifestyle, coupled with a job that requires you to sit all day, can be harmful to your health and lead to an increased risk of obesity. Using a standing desk can help alleviate some of these issues by its very nature. By standing during your work day you naturally increase your calorie expenditure and have an increased blood flow, which can help with energy levels and mood.

Here are some of the biggest questions we get about using a standing desk and what kind of impact it can have on your life:

Can Standing Desks Help You Lose Weight? 

When it comes to losing weight, the standing desk could play a critical role in alleviating this threat that is linked to a sedentary lifestyle and the proliferation of fast-food restaurants (and processed foods).

One medical study conducted by Mayo Clinic involved testing a group of office workers who normally sat all day with a new diet and observations of their activity levels throughout the work day.

The subjects in the experiment were asked to add 1,000 calories to their daily intake without changing their exercise routine or physical activities. Some workers gained weight while others did not.

The workers who did not gain weight sat for a shorter period of time (less than 2.25 hours per day) compared to their counterparts who gained weight. This conclusion was based on data provided by sensors sewn into the employees’ undergarments to track their movements.

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Can Standing Desks Help You Live Longer?

With reduced risk of obesity and even some types of cancer (the rate of breast and colon cancers is closely linked to a sedentary lifestyle), it is safe to assume that one of the notable benefits of using a standing desk is the improved longevity.

A 2011 study has suggested that reducing the sitting time from six hours to three hours could add up to 2 years to your life expectancy.

Can Standing Desks Help With Back Pain?

Sitting for hours at a time during the day  has been linked to lower back pain, neck strain, and rounded shoulders. In fact, some doctors prescribe a sit-and-stand workstation to employees as part of a holistic approach to deal with the issue of chronic back or neck pain.

To get the full benefits of using a standing desk, you must make sure you stretch and walk every 30-60 minutes, and make sure to use proper posture when working from a sitting/standing desk (i.e., the elbows are positioned about 90 degrees angle when using a keyboard, and the monitor is at the resting eye level of the user).

The use of a standing desk has also been linked to better posture and a stronger, more muscular core just by its daily use.

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Can Standing Desks Lower Your Stress?

Recent studies show that workers using sit-and-stand desks have lower stress levels than their counterpart. This is most likely due to experiencing less pain and discomfort that is caused by prolonged sitting. They also report improved mood and energy levels.

In other words, a lower level of stress is just a side-effect of the countless health benefits standing desks have to offer.

Can Standing Desks Boost Your Mood?

Nobody wants a bad mood all day. An improved mood can be attributed to reduced discomfort and even being body-pain free. Standing desks may help boost mood by their impact on your physical well-being but they also may help because standing desks have also been seen to help increase communication between co-workers. Having a best friend at work and increasing the amount you communicate with your colleagues at eye-level has been shown to result in a much more fulfilling career, which naturally can help boost your mood.

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Why Should You Use A Standing Desk?

I hope these reasons are enough to satisfy your curiosity about why you should buy a standing desk. With the potential changes a standing desk can make to your health, weight, happiness, and productivity using a standing desk just makes sense.

What Is The Best Standing Desk?

When it comes to finding the right standing desk for your office situation it can be overwhelming. First, you need to find a desk that can pivot between both sitting and standing to allow you to move the way you need to throughout the day. StandDesk offers sitting/standing desks and standing desk converters that can help give you this mix of activity. 

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