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The Best Desks for Small Office Spaces

  • 3 min read

The Best Desks for Small Office Spaces


When planning your layout for your small office, you'll definitely want to ensure every single square inch is put to good use. Not to mention, your design should be even more thoroughly planned when you’re dealing with high rent.

Desks are amongst the most important things to consider when you want to take advantage of the space your office has to offer. You'll have to make sure that the working area is sufficient enough for you and your staff to work on without limiting productivity. But how can you find the best desks for small offices?

Obviously, the bulky ones have to go.

It just doesn't make sense adding a huge, well-polished manager table made from heavy solid wood at one end of a small room. And how much more if you have to cram two or more employees into the office? Even if one has to deal with lots of paperwork and will need a large working space, the best desks to use will still be something slimmer -- perhaps one that only features a working top and its sturdy stands. In short, the lower part of the desk should provide ample legroom for your employees, allowing them to stretch and relax their feet when needed.


Aside from the comfort you can provide to your staff, slim-looking desks can give the illusion of space even if you have a small office. These types desks can contribute to a well-ventilated, well-lit area, and in turn, help reduce stress-inducing factors caused by small work spaces.

Storage solutions

A paperless office may be a common trend in the workplace these days, but it's undeniable that some employees prefer working with papers and helpful clutter like pens and staplers. Yet, no matter how they work, they have to make sure that they can conveniently clear the table when needed or when they're done with their shift. Thus, a slim table with a drawer or two just below the top can be a practical option to neatly store documents and office supplies.

You should also keep an eye on office desks that come with built-in cable management trays especially when you and your staff work with desktop computers and laptops all of the time. This will help keep cords and wires hidden behind the desks, ensuring a clutter-free look for your small office. 


Ergonomic design

Choosing the best desks for small offices isn't just about making your space appear huge. It’s also about ensuring everyone can work with utmost productivity and efficiency by choosing ergonomically designed products, which are manufactured with our bodies' natural capabilities and limitations in consideration. Nowadays, when workplace safety and employee welfare is at an all time high, you simply can't afford to take the risk of losing your staff because you've taken them for granted.

When it comes to ergonomic desks, you'll need to consider their height and the available space on the top. The perfect dimensions for a desktop space will depend on the reach of the person using it. The space can be split into three categories (the first two of these are the most important for small office spaces):

    • Primary work area - the areas that can be accessed within the length of your hands and elbows (this space is ideal for the main tasks);
    • Secondary work area - those areas within the reach of the length of your hands and shoulders or an arm’s reach (a place for items that are occasionally used); and
    • Tertiary work area - the optional area wherein a person has to bend his body over just to reach it (ideal for items that are seldom used).

When it comes to desk height especially for people working with computers, a good setup is one where your elbows are at the same level as the keyboard while the top portion of the monitor is at your eye level. When you’re sitting, your feet should be comfortably flat on the floor. Of course, prolonged sitting isn't ideal, and thus, an adjustable stand desk becomes the best choice since it ensures the recommended, ergonomic height is maintained whether the you’re sitting or standing.

Choose your desks wisely

Don't simply pick the first office desk you see. Especially when you're dealing with limited office space, you have to make sure you're getting the best value for your investment. This is why I’ve essentially laid out for you the features that define what makes the best desk. And while you can buy ready-made ones in shops, keep in mind that you also have the option to order customized stand desks to best suit your office requirements.

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