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How To Increase Morale In The Workplace And Stop Financial Bleeding

  • 3 min read

How To Increase Morale In The Workplace And Stop Financial Bleeding


“He will win whose army is animated by the same spirit throughout all its ranks.” - Sun Tzu





In his ancient war guide, The Art of War, Sun Tzu identifies spirit as one of the five essentials for victory. And let me assure you, it’s no different in business.

You see, low morale in your team often shows up in a myriad of ways... like poor communication, a foggy-headed team, and talent-turnover that resembles a revolving door. In fact, a recent survey showed that 70% of employees at low- morale ad companies are on the hunt for another job!

Don’t you think it’s mind boggling that in today’s day and age most companies haven’t solved this epidemic yet? Sure, you might have some awareness programs and “perks” here and there... but let’s face it, you and I know these are just band-aid solutions.

Here’s the good news, you can easily boost team morale with a few simple strategies... The key to long-term success in business comes from a happy team, plain and simple. You’ll enjoy a space that you and your team actually look forward to thus helping you reduce employee turnover and gain higher quality results.

Here’s a few tips that are guaranteed to increase morale for yourself and your team.

Promote Good Posture

You and I both know that bad posture leads to poor health, that’s obvious. Yet what might not be so obvious at first however, is that this also leads to poor morale. An article in TIME talks about a study that links bad posture to fearful and negative feelings.

Researchers in this study taped participants to either a “slumped” or “upright” position. The participants’ vitals were monitored plus they received tests to determine their mood and stress levels.

They found those with “slumped” posture experienced more negative feelings such as fear, anxiety, and hostility. While their counterparts not only experienced more positive feelings, they even showed higher self-esteem.

Listen To Your Team & Increase Productivity

Allow me to share a quick story with you that illustrates one of countless reasons why this is crucial.

Just a few days ago, I experienced a small mishap with a grocery delivery. The gist of it is that a few key items were not delivered because of a software issue. When the woman finally showed up at my door, she apologized for something that was honestly not her fault and explained the situation to me.

She even offered solutions to help me avoid this nuisance in the future.

Impressed by her sense of duty and her knowledge of the company she worked for I said, “Maybe you should pass some of this info up the chain of command, as feedback you know?”

Suddenly, you could notice a drastic mood change in her...

“They never listen to us...” she responded while she shook her head. This immediately brought me back to the days of working for a company you can’t stand because they barely even acknowledge your existence.

You know that type of company right? And you know how they tend to suffer from low morale and high talent-turnover. It’s still baffling to see companies operating like this when they know that replacing can be incredibly expensive.

For companies like this, it’s crucial to listen to your team and stop the financial bleeding it is causing.

Office Wellness & Flexible Environments

Your physical space matters, and I’m not just talking about Feng Shui.

You need the ability to sit, the flexibility to stand, and the freedom to move. And if you’re super serious about this like Huff Post’s Arianna Huffington, then you want to have the ability to take a nap.


Allowing yourself and your talent to replenish will boost morale, enhance productivity, and provide you with rich company culture... a culture based on trust and respect. This is a team who will stand behind you and have your best interest in mind, as well as the company’s.

This is one of the reasons I myself purchased an adjustable standing desk about 3 years ago. It gives you the flexibility you need in your work environment which not only boosts productivity and morale, it opens your eyes to what long-term efficiency in business really feels like.

And while there are those who will still fail to see the importance of a high-spirited team... just remember that for General Sun Tzu and his men, it made the difference between life or death.

Luckily if you’re here, you realize the importance of high morale in the workplace and you see the arsenal of benefits it can bring to your business...

Here’s to your success :)