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7 Reasons Why Wonder Woman Would Use a StandDesk

  • 3 min read

7 Reasons Why Wonder Woman Would Use a StandDesk


Wonder Woman, superhero and now box office hero, is officially here to stay. The film Wonder Woman broke box office charts with a record $794.6 million worldwide. That’s a really, really big deal, especially since studio executives didn’t think an action film with a leading lady would do exceptionally well. They were wrong. Now, Diana Prince, AKA Wonder Woman, is a household name and in superhero land, she’s a powerhouse world leader. So if Diana, Princess of Themyscira, existed in our world, what kind of desk would she choose? It’s obvious, isn’t it? She would choose a StandDesk. Here’s why:


Photo by DC Comics

1. She needs to be ready to fight at all times. 

Wonder Woman and all women of wonder have different challenges thrown at them at all times in the workplace, so they must be ready to take on any battle. According to Business Insider, standing for several hours at a time increases alertness and productivity, so you’re in prime condition to take on any new challenge that’s presented to you.  That’s why standing at your desk will make you undefeatable in any battle, on the streets or in the office.

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2. She needs to stay in top physical condition. 

It’s no secret that Wonder Woman must maintain a perfect physique, not only for the cameras but also to fight villains. According to The American Business Magazine, studies show that “people who work out are better workers, more productive and happier.” As we all know, standing throughout the day is a great way to lose weight and works our muscles far more than sitting, while keeping our backs strong and pain-free. Look good. Feel good.

3. She’s a lady boss and bosses stand up. 

Wonder Woman is proof that women can rule the world and the office. Not only does standing at your desk have physical benefits, but also  “power, status, and confidence are nonverbally displayed through the use of height and space,” says an insider at Forbes. Just as Wonder Woman chooses to stand in the face of evil to show her physical strength, we should all stand in the office to show our mental strength. Boom.


Photo by Nathan Rupert/Flickr

4. Her lasso of truth could get tangled sitting down. 

Wonder Woman’s lasso of truth is her secret weapon that helps her fight crime, defeat her enemies and achieve world domination. We each have a secret weapon we bring to the table at work, whether we know it or not. Studies have shown standing up produces the highest level of productivity in employees. So we must all stand up to unleash our hidden superpowers! How motivational am I right now?

5. Her strong posture is important to her. 

When you think about Wonder Woman you probably think about her natural, athletic build and the way she emits confidence and dominance. She is usually caught with her fists clenched and her head held high. She’s the definition of strength and power. What’s her secret? Standing. Studies have shown, the more you sit, the more you slouch, which is bad for your health and your ego. Being in a standing posture helps to evoke confidence and strength. Don’t slouch, stand.  


Photo by Sebastian Vital/Flickr

6. She’s working with other superheros. Nobody sits down. 

Did you honestly think superheros spent their time sitting around an office, coming up with ways to defeat their next enemy? No way. Nobody in the superhero community sits down at work - they need to be healthy and ready for action.  Sitting for long periods of time (like every single day at work) causes all sorts of health issues: sitting can lead to higher risk of cancer, obesity, reduced life expectancy and poor posture. Standing on the other hand will lengthen and enhance your life. Just live the superhero life already.

7. She’s Wonder Woman. People count on her. 

Be more like Wonder Woman. Stand up for your own health, happiness, and productivity, and for those around you. Be stronger, both mentally and physically, at work and take a stand for the things you believe in. Be the office hero.

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