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Standing Desk Pro Frame - Black

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Size Guide
How to Choose The Best Desk Size for Your Workspace

Whether you’re at your standing desk for a few hours or a full work week, your workspace is a window into how you work. Your workspace can represent your personal style, your productivity levels, and even your occupation. It can be a simple setup in a small office, confined to a cubicle, or the design centerpiece of a home office. While the specifications and functionality of your desk frame are important, we often overlook the most prominent and aesthetically important element of our workspaces - the desktop.

Options for standing desk top surfaces range from inexpensive particle board to custom refurbished wood designs and everything in between. Finding a desktop that suits your needs and style can be tricky, so here are some tips on choosing the best desk size and surface for your individual needs.

standing desk

Customize Your Standing Desk

1) Standing desk: size & shape

Your desktop’s size can really help or hinder your comfort and productivity. Take the daily tools and equipment you use while at your desk into consideration when choosing a desktop. A graphic designer working with dual monitors and a Wacom tablet is better suited for a larger surface space, so your work area doesn’t feel restricted. Alternatively, someone using a single thirteen inch laptop may feel that smaller is better, as having too much room can actually encourage clutter and distractions. It’s best to get a rough measurement of how much space your desk items will occupy and give yourself at least a few extra inches on each side.

Of course, even if you work with multiple monitors and other devices, that doesn’t necessarily mean you have the physical space for an expansive desktop. If you’re confined to a small space or cubicle, organizational tools like cable management, a filing cabinet, and monitor arms can help maximize your space.

StandDesk offers desktops in six different standard sizes:

  • 45 x 24 – This standing desk is perfect for small spaces, where your office doubles as your bedroom or in apartments.
  • 48 x 30 – A standard commercial office size small standing desk. The 30" inch depth offers enough room for monitors to be used behind your laptop.
  • 50 x 26A great size for a height adjustable standing desk when you need a little bit more width, without taking on more depth.
  • 60 x 26 – Even more width with this standing desk, allowing space for multiple laptops, notebooks or other work mini-stations so you can multitask without rearranging. 
  • 60 x 30Our other standard commercial office sized standing desk in large. If you're looking for an office-like size or buying for your company's office, this is the standard.
  • 72 x 30 – When you need all the space! Six full feet of width and the full 30" depth is a perfect standing desk for those of us can't have enough desktop real estate to stay productive and organized.

pick your standing desk size

Pick Your Desk Size

2) Sit-stand desk: color & material

It’s easy to get overwhelmed by the plethora of color options out there and it may seem like the material doesn’t really matter - after all, an inexpensive laminate desktop will technically work just as well as a beautiful, thick wood surface, right? Not necessarily.

For some, natural wood desktops may offer the calming, organic aesthetic that your office lacks. For those who don’t want to be limited to different shades of brown, laminate desktops (usually pressed board with a laminate covering) can be an inexpensive alternative.

StandDesk offers a variety of standing desk materials and color options:

Standing desk options include both laminate and solid wood. Black laminates and white laminates offer a clean, sleek and inexpensive style, but we're especially proud of our solid wood desktops. StandDesk solid wood desktops are available in more sizes and materials than any of our competition, and at lower prices.

Our reclaimed wood standing desk is our most popular seller and taps into the industrial chic trend perfectly. Our white oak and South American walnut sit-stand desk provide exceptional quality in a timeless aesthetic. And our natural bamboo stand desk not only looks terrific, but also offers a dry erase whiteboard coating.

solid wood standing desktops

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3) Stand desk: style & functionality

Desktops of old were simply flat surfaces that you worked on. While simple tops are still functionally sound, it’s 2021 - if your desktop doesn’t have a few extra flourishes, you’re missing out.

StandDesk offers a variety of standing desk accessories:

For us, cable management and connectivity are must haves for a desktop surface. Nobody wants cords hanging off of the edges of the standing desk, and something as simple as grommet holes in the top corners of your desktop can easily solve this issue. You can feed cords from your devices through the holes and out of sight. Even better, StandDesk grommet plugs are available that offer AC and USB outlets, as well as cable management. No more bending down to find space on your power strip. You can also shop our standing desk chairsdesk matsfiling cabinetsdesk light, and monitor arms to achieve the ultimate sit-stand desk functionality.

standing desk monitor arm

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If you have questions about what standing desk size and material is right for you, just contact us and we'll help you find the perfect fit. For B2B customers, we encourage to use our free space planning service, where we custom render our products in your office space to give you a preview of what to expect. 

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Looking to build your own standing desk from the ground up? Start with our StandDesk HomeBase electric standing desk frames. Designed to fit perfectly with the StandDesk tops, you can create a custom workstation that meets any work style and space.

Shop with confidence knowing all our StandDesk tops fit our standard StandDesk frames. We also offer the most comprehensive and longest sit-stand desk warranty in the industry. When purchasing a steel frame you’ll receive a lifetime warranty.

Length of the frame when assembled: 42.3" - 70.9" (1074-1800mm)

Height of the frame when assembled: 24.6" - 50.2" (62.5-127.5cm)

Width: 22.8"

Weight: 72.80lbs

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    Rajula C.
    United States United States
    I recommend this product


    lovely. Enjoying the ability move the table up and down, perfect table size and the wheels are simply the best so I can move around w ease.

    A StandDesk Customer
    Alexander R.
    United States United States
    I recommend this product

    Customer Service Went the Extra Step

    Hi, I was a Kickstarter customer and my previous desk's cord to the motor had stripped during probably the 10th move to a new office/home. Instead of purchasing an entire new desk, I was given options where they looked to see if the cord from the old unit was still in stock, ultimately it wasn't, but then suggested that I buy a new frame and screw it in to the old desktop. It worked perfectly and I'm appreciative of their suggestions and help when other companies could have simply recommended I buy a brand new desk all together. Thank you to the Standdesk team for quality customer service which can be tough to come by otherwise in the online marketplace.


    Nice desk

    In line with the top piece purchased as well, everyone is happy with the purchase and ease of use.

    Chris Y.
    United States United States
    I recommend this product

    Second time's the charm

    The first frame set that was shipped to me was woefully incomplete. The instructions were missing as well as vital parts such as screws and legs. Thankfully customer service was very responsive when I reached out to them and replaced the frame set. I am concerned about the shipping method, however, as both of the frame sets were received with the boxes themselves in bad shape. You may want to use sturdier boxing material, or a different carrier. The desk itself has been just fine and I am happy with it now that it has been fully assembled.