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Why Standing Desks Are Here To Stay

  • 3 min read

Why Standing Desks Are Here To Stay


Google, Facebook, Twitter... 

Companies that have transformed the way we exchange information and ultimately live. To say these are progressive businesses is an understatement ... and as forward-thinking companies, they are well aware that employee well-being is one of their most valuable assets. It is for this very reason they have adopted standing desks in their workspace.

And just how exactly do standing desks increase employee well-being?

Well for starters…

Standing Desks Increase Focus 

Imagine this. You are in a normal sit-only desk environment.

It’s 3 pm - You and your team have been working all day. You’re exhausted, and your head feels a bit foggy. You have a pressing deadline that you and your team need to get done by 5 pm or you risk losing a big client account.

Now, even though you realize the severity of the situation, you just can’t help but feel the pain in your body that sitting all day causes. Still, against all odds you decide to power through it and encourage your team… who knows maybe you even offer them artificial stimulants like coffee or sugar to keep them going.

Yet despite your best efforts, intentions and their willing spirits... you can see their energy levels drop and begin to see a “vacant” look in their eyes. 


According to Medicine Net, when you are exhausted, you experience “mental fatigue or difficulty with concentration and memory to start or complete an activity.” 

You must understand that the decisions you make from an exhausted place are often counterproductive in the short run, and downright destructive in the long-run. 

Best-case scenario, you meet your deadline at the expense of your team’s health which is likely to lead to employee dissatisfaction and a higher turnover-rate. 

Worst case scenario, you miss your deadline and lose your client.

The good news however is that by simply changing your environment, this scenario can easily be avoided…

With a sit-to-stand desk, you can  energize your body simply by switching posture when your body tells you to. Why risk the health of your company and yourself when you don’t have to?

Now, you might also find it interesting that not only have standing desks been linked to increased wellness, they've also been linked to...

Increased Collaboration 

A recent study from Washington University reveals how standing desks can increase collaboration: 

The study took 200 college students and placed them in two separate rooms. Both groups were given the same assignment: write a script for a college recruitment video. One of the groups was given a “sedentary workspace” while the other group was given a “stand-only workspace."

The study found that the collaborative engagement of the "stand-only workspace" was much higher, and individuals were much less territorial.

From a physiological point of view, this makes perfect sense. Those who sit at a desk, hunched over a computer screen are more likely to be private and territorial than those who are standing straight with open shoulders...

And everyone knows that a collaborative team is far more productive and less of a liability than an aggressive team who can’t stand each other.


Honestly, I can go on and on about why sit-to-stand desks increase productivity and promote a more financially-stable company. Yet, it seems I might not have to since... 

More and More Companies Are Adopting Standing Desks 

Let’s face it.

We’ve all seen fads come and go. Whether it be the “exercise ball - chair replacement” (I’m ashamed to admit I’ve tried this myself) the latest management trend, or buying software that you'll forget it even existed a year later... 

And while most of these trends evaporate from our minds as quickly as they come, others catch fire, enhance productivity, and ultimately transform the way we work. 

Perhaps this is why even huge corporations such as Chevron, Intel, and now even Apple are said to be have contracts with standing desk companies. While there will always be skeptics and naysayers … it is hard to argue against the mounting evidence of benefits that sit-to-stand desks provide.

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