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Why Standing Desks Are Essential For Manga Artists

  • 2 min read

Why Are Standing Desks Essential For Artists? Ask This Famous Manga Artist

Standing Desks For Manga Artists

Manga, which is a style of comics originating in Japan, requires intense focus and countless hours of sitting and drawing at an artist desk. As a result, artists typically complain about wrist strain or injury, rounded shoulders, lower back pain, high stress levels, and posture problems.

However, one famous Manga artist has come up with a clever way to fight the negative effects of an inactive lifestyle and prolonged sitting.

In February 2015, Yoshikazu Hamada decided that he had enough of the standard seated workstation. He created several prototypes of artist table desks in an attempt to find the most comfortable position that would allow him to draw, think, and focus on his manga drawings. 

Standing Desks For Drawing

One of his DIY standing desks models has a head-to-toe “backrest” while another one only had a pelvis “support.” However, his most recent design has been perceived by his fans to be “the most successful.”


Standing Desk For Manga Artist

Image Credit -  The Artist's IMGUR Account: https://imgur.com/a/7vTjP

This standing artist desk has a tilted tabletop (at about a 45 degree angle) that can minimize wrist strain when drawing for long hours. He also included fasteners that can hold a lamp, computer screens, keyboards, and other gadgets in place.

Standing Desks Are A Healthy Option For Artists

Over the past several years a growing number of companies and schools have been introducing standing desks, which studies have shown to improve the user’s focus, energy level, mood, and even health. Some of the perceived benefits are attributed to less discomfort (since prolonged sitting leads to back pain and rounded shoulders) and improved breathing.


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Drawing Standing Desks For Artists

Now, while the slanted tabletop is ideal for visual artists whose primary tasks include sketching and drawing, this “design feature” could be adopted by standing desk manufacturers so they can cater to more people, and not just the average users, i.e., office employees.

Most standing desks today just offer a flat tabletop whose height can be adjusted depending on how tall the user is.

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Standing Desks Can Help Anyone

The good news is that if you're not an artist, the current standing desks on the market will work for you so you can enjoy all of the benefits they have to offer you. By now, you probably realize that it's imperative to fight the effects of prolonged sitting and a sedentary lifestyle. It is for this very reason that Manga Artist Mr. Hoshikadu Hamada decided to take matters into his own hands when he built his artist's standing desk.

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