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What's the Best Ergonomic Desk on the Market

  • 3 min read

What's the Best Ergonomic Desk on the Market


So you're considering an ergonomic desk? Congratulations! You're now a step closer towards working smarter, not harder.

You’ve probably noticed that when you're focused on a specific task, you tend to forget about your body and your posture. It might even take hours before you realize that you're slouching on your chair or pushing your head forward too much. It might even take a leg cramp for you to realize that your body is in an awkward position. And if you continue with this unhealthy habit for too long, not only is your health being adversely affected... so is your work!

The best ergonomic desk is simply designed based on what your body can and can't naturally do. In essence, it should be the desk design that adjusts to you and not the other way around.

Today, there are many ergonomics desk options available on the market... yet before you can choose the one most suitable to your needs, you have to know what to look for.

You’ll definitely want...

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Ample desktop space for main tasks.

Obviously, you need to plan your ergonomic desk setup first before you can determine the optimal amount of working space you need. Will you set up your desktop computer on top of your desk or will you just be using the table for your laptop? Do you want a multi-purpose table that you can conveniently clear out when needed or do you want files and documents on the table for easy access?

At the very least, the best ergonomic office desk is one with a surface that's wider than your arms' reach without having to bend over. In essence, your tabletop can be divided into two important parts:


    • Your main working area is the space within the reach of your hands when your elbow is at your side.


  • Secondary working areas are those you can reach with your arms stretched out but without leaning your body.

Next, we must take a look at…


 Considerations on computer monitors

Ergonomic workstation experts recommend that the top portion of your computer monitor should be at eye level. So if you're using a mountable flat-screen type, you can opt for working desks with a built in adjustable bar.

It can be challenging though when you're using a laptop because the tendency is that you'll end up looking down on it with your chin pressed against your neck, which can be bad to your spine and upper back. So if you typically work on your laptop for long hours, consider using an external keyboard and mouse while your device is elevated in a way that the monitor is at your eye level.

In any case, the screen should be between 20 to 30 inches from you. So if you're using a monitor with a large stand and base, you have to consider looking for a desk that has extra space beyond the main and secondary working areas.

You must also realize that...


Ideal desk height will depend on the person

Aside from the recommended height and distance of the monitor in relation to your eyes, you also have to make sure that your hands can be slightly positioned above the desk when working. At the same time, your lower arms should be parallel to the floor. In short, the measurements will actually depend on how tall you are and whether or not you're sitting or standing while working. It is for this very reason that…

Height-adjustable desks are the best.

What makes these innovative office desks with adjustable height an ideal choice is that they will let you enjoy the best of both worlds! Being able to sit and stand alternately while working can provide a lot of benefits including increased productivity and an active body.

Yet sit-to-stand desks are NOT all made the same. If you're looking for the best standing desks, opt for the ones that let you adjust the height without much hassle (and noise). Ideally, you want to opt for an electronic design that silently adjusts the height with a simple press of a button.

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