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What Are The Best Varidesk Alternatives

  • 3 min read

What Are The Best Varidesk Alternatives

Varidesk pro standing desk has been receiving raves from satisfied customers due to its good quality and reasonable price ($395).  It is one of the most affordable brands you can find in the market, unless you are a DIY enthusiast then you can really “afford” to be more stingy.

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Varidesk pro plus is not really a full standing workstation; hence, it costs significantly less than its competitors (some brands can even fetch as high as $1,500).  In essence, it is an “attachment” placed on top of the user’s current desk.

This “attachment,” nonetheless, offers some “flexible” features.  The height of its keyboard and monitor stand is adjustable, so it allows the users to sit and stand without lifting a finger, thanks to its spring-assisted motor lift.

Varidesk pro plus is wide enough to support two monitors (23 inch x 36 inch); it has an adjustable height of 15.5 inch; and it can support up to 35 lbs. (16 kg.) of weight.

While it works for most “traditional” users (i.e., students, office workers, and writers), you might have a reason for seeking Varidesk alternatives.  Perhaps you are looking for a full workstation, a standing desk that allows you to scribble pictures or notes on its surface (much like an artist desk), or something that allows you to harness your DIY flair.

The list below explains some of the best Varidesk alternatives that you may want to consider:

Boxes or stacks of textbooks

    This quick-fix solution involves stacking boxes or books for the keyboard and the screen.

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    The level of the keyboard and mouse should be at the same level as your elbow positioned at 90 degrees angle, while your computer monitor is at the same level as your resting eye level (i.e., your not tilting your head up or down).  This rule applies to both DIY and ready-made standing desks.

    Fine-tuning the height is done by simply removing or adding a box/book or two.

    However, it comes with some caveats: It’s the least stable stand desk alternative and you run the risk of breaking your gadgets when you’re not being extra careful.

    DIY Standing desks

      If you have an existing desk with a large surface area, putting a coffee table (for the monitor) on top can instantly turn it into a standing workstation.  However, something should also prop up the keyboard, perhaps with a shoebox or a “miniaturized” table.

      But if you really want an ad hoc stand desk, then the IKEA hack might be just right for you.  It requires just a little bit of elbow grease and a budget of $22 to assemble this “purely” standing workstation that involves a Lack side table, a Viktor shelf, an Ekby Valter bracket, and some screws to hold everything in place.


      UpDesk UpWrite

        This is not for someone on a tight budget.  This all-white adjustable sit and stand desk costs around $1,200, or even more if shipping is also factored in.

        Despite its exorbitant price, customers are still raving about its cool features that include a tabletop made of erasable whiteboard (allowing the users to doodle or jot down notes; hence, it might be perfect for artists and designers); an adjustable height thanks to its powerful motor that can turn this desk into a standing or sitting workstation under 30 seconds; and a wide base that could accommodate a standard-sized treadmill.

        If you think that UpDesk UpWrite is the ideal sit and stand up desk for your lifestyle (or profession) but are not willing to break the bank, you may want to consider its hand-operated version that costs $300 less. 

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