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Vari vs. Uplift Desk: Which is Better?

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You've spent hundreds (well, singles) of hours combing through reviews on Amazon, Reddit, and third-party review websites. You've memorized desk measurements, thought about your budget, and reflected on aesthetics. You're pretty darn close to picking astanding desk and it's come down to either the Varidesk or Uplift desk. Or maybe you're just starting to research your options. Regardless, there's no denying the fact that buying a desk is a major commitment.

We'll be perfectly honest here. Of course, we thinkour standing desks are the best. (Yeah, we're a little biased.) But if you're shopping between the Varidesk and Uplift desk, we've compiled a whole bunch of user reviews into tidy little lists of pros, cons, pricing, and additional factors to consider to help shape your decision process. Here we go.




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Varidesk is best-known for their desktop extenders for sitting orstanding desks, which sit on top of your existing desk. Depending on the model you purchase, you can add up to 17 inches to your workstation. With the help of a spring-loaded mechanism, you can lift or lower the desk extender to one of 11 different pre-set options for your desired height range on the fly.

VariDesk Pros

  • Can be used for seated or standing work
  • Comes fully assembled
  • Easy height adjustment
  • One-year product warranties
  • No risk of mechanical brain failure
  • Quiet, fast adjustment

VariDesk Cons

  • Weighs 50 pounds
  • Maximum weight capacity of 30 pounds
  • Reported "stability issues"
  • Doesn't always add enough inches for taller users

How Much Does a VariDesk Cost?

VariDesk's height-adjustable stacking desks cost between $395 and $495on Amazon. Customers can also separately purchase detachable "wings" to extend the width of a desk at a rate of $45 per side.

Depending mostly on how wide of a desk you want, you can expect to spend between $395 and $585 on a height-adjustable desk extender from Varidesk.



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Uplift offers higher-priced, electrically-powered desks that transition from seated to standing positions. With a "modern" look and eco-friendly desktops, this desk can be a popular choice among standing desk shoppers who are concerned with aesthetics. While Uplift offers a number of options for desktop width, tall prospective buyers should note this desk has a maximum height of 51".

Uplift Desk Pros

  • Simple assembly
  • High-quality construction
  • Eco-friendly desktop manufacturing processes
  • One-touch memory
  • 8 options for desktop finish colors
  • 5 desk sizes
  • Weight capacity of 300-400 pounds
  • 7-year warranty

Uplift Desk Cons

  • Doesn't extend high enough for some of the taller users
  • Mechanisms have "low performance scores" in laboratory testing
  • Price is a little higher

Uplift Desk Pricing

The list price of the Uplift desk is $899 for the smallest sized desk that is 30'' wide. The desk is available in 5 width sizes. The 80-inch wide version costs $300 more than the base model.

The only retailer who offers these desks, The Human Solution, offers occasional sales and discounts on the product. Prospective buyers can plan on spending between $899 and $1299 on an Uplift desk, depending on the size ordered.


Still considering one or both of these options? If you're comparing and contrasting the two, we recommend that you take the following factors into account:

1. Do I want a self-contained, height-adjustable desk?

If you don't already have a desk, ordering Varidesk might result in sadness or sitting on the floor. Unless you have an existing work set-up for stacking, a self-contained option like the Uplift Desk is a better choice.

2. Is my existing desk wide enough to accommodate the Varidesk?

This is important! If you're thinking of stacking desks, make sure your desk is at least an inch or two wider than Varidesk, to avoid an awkward and unstable situation.

3. What is my budget?

Unless you're patient enough to wait around for a sale, the Uplift Desk isn't always the best choice for buyers on a tight budget.

4. Can I handle simple assembly?

Or more honestly, do you have a colleague or roommate you can be tasked with simple assembly? If the answer is "definitely not," a pre-assembled model like Varidesk might be the right option for you.

5. Can I handle stability issues?

People's tolerance for stability issues varies. However, if a desk that shakes when you type will drive you batty, it might be smartest to avoid a desk that's reported to have stability issues.

Also consider how much weight in monitors and keyboards you'll be piling on top of the desk. If you'll be testing the upper limits of a desk's capacity, it could result in sturdiness problems.

6. Do I need product warranties?

Are you risk-averse? Standing desk warranties can vary drastically according to manufacturer. Your tolerance for risk can be a guiding factor in whether or not you consider warranties while shopping.

7. Is another manufacturer a better option?

We get it, there's a lot ofstanding desk options available on the market. Researching manufacturers and models can be downright overwhelming. But unless you're totally convinced that either the Varidesk or Uplift desk is the perfect option for your needs, could it pay to look elsewhere? The right desk for you is the one that fits your aesthetics, lifestyle, and budget. Chances are, it exists.

Are adjustable desks worth it?

The answer is yes, but the best standing desk is the one that fits seamlessly into your lifestyle. For some people, that means a super-tall desk that can handle hundreds of pounds of gear. For others, it's a desk that's lightweight and just sturdy enough to hold their Macbook Pro. No two desk users are the same, which is why carefully researching yoursit to stand desk options is critical.

If you're in the market for a reliable, easy-to-use sitting to standing desk that won't break the bank, StandDesk's options might be right for you. We specialize in helping real people transform the way they work—and love the process. To learn more about what StandDesk's real-life customers have to say about our desks,click here.

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