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The 1 Secret about Standing Workstations that Will Boost Your Productivity

  • 3 min read

The 1 Secret about Standing Workstations that Will Boost Your Productivity


You’re concerned with your productivity, regardless of whether you’re an entrepreneur, a businessperson, or even a company manager… we get it and we’re just like you. Throughout your workday, you may often think of the best ways to optimize your time and energy so that you can increase your output.

Yet with all the time management techniques you’ve learned, morning routines you practice, and streamlined procedures you use to optimize your workflow ... chances are you may have overlooked the importance of having standing workstations.

You see, standing can provide you with countless benefits including boosting your productivity. Now, I'm not just talking about people working behind the counter like receptionists, tellers and cashiers; but also those of us who work as web developers, writers, accountants, and even business managers.

In fact, a six-month study ( Source) made on employees of a call center revealed that individuals who use a standing up workstation are around 45% more productive than their seated counterparts.

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So why is it that standing up while working can have such a great impact on your productivity... what’s the secret? In order to answer this, we must look at a few factors. For starters, standing while working helps you ...

1. Avoid a relaxing stance, which slows down productivity

Whether you like it or not, sitting is generally associated with having a relaxed stance which can lead to bad posture. Even though you might be excited when you first sit down and start working, you'll soon find your body in a relaxed and likely unhealthy posture. A standing office workstation promotes physical activity which comes with the added psychological benefit of being more amped-up as your body has a higher energy expenditure.

It has also been reported that standing can also...


2. Help you create a sense of urgency which leads to higher productivity.

Let’s be clear: whether you’re sitting or standing, staying in one position for too long is not good for you. What this translates to is that when you’re standing for a long period of time, you will experience discomfort and start to look forward to those seated breaks. This can allow you to increase your concentration for the task at hand because you want to finish the task quickly so you can take that break sooner rather than later. The same can not be said about sitting as you are more likely to assume a comfortable and relaxed position which can cause your productivity to slow down.

And remember...


3. Standing promotes good health, which is an important factor for high productivity

As I mentioned earlier, standing promotes an active body which prevents you from living a sedentary lifestyle. There are already countless studies out there that connect inactivity to a range of illnesses including circulatory and heart problems.

Making the Most of Standing while Working

It is important to remember that prolonged standing can also be detrimental to your health. So to make sure that you maximize the benefits of a standing desk, consider using a sit stand workstation where you can alternate your position from standing to sitting as you see fit.

The flexibility is key in promoting a healthy and active lifestyle that allows your productivity to ultimately soar.

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