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It’s True: Standing Desks Make Better Students Too

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It’s True: Standing Desks Make Better Students Too


High-profile personalities and a certain Whitney Houston song all preach one message time and again: our children are the ones who will shape our world’s tomorrow. While pessimists will readily argue against this seemingly universal rhetoric, perhaps statistics from United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) will change their mind: people under the age of 30 comprise more than 50% of the world’s total population. It’s simple math, really—one third of this planet’s economic contributors and role-players belong to the youth category.

The staggering number of young people alone should offer enough proof that the youth are a major mover in the world economy. Whether they serve as beneficiaries or benefactors, the fact remains the same: they affect how their respective countries fare as a nation. Come to think of it, today’s children will become tomorrow’s leaders and thinkers so their qualities and skills will help determine the kind of future a country will have. Raise disciplined and resourceful kids and the community will inherit productive and hardworking adults; put that in a national context and you’ll realize just how important it is to nurture a healthy, strong, and intellectual youth from the get-go.

Indeed, it’s not that hard to see why it’s in the society’s best interest to equip the young ones with all the tools they need to succeed in life. As such, countries invest millions of dollars in their youth’s education because such formal training ensures that their boundless energy and potential are properly channeled into outlets that can help with nation-building. However, simply sending kids to school is not guaranteed to mold them into effective adults later on. If they’re physically present but mentally absent during classes, their purpose for attending school in the first place is ultimately defeated. They still need utmost attention and participation to truly benefit from the given opportunity. So how can this be done?

Benefits of Standing Desks in Classrooms

A landmark study done by Benden et al. provided a very interesting insight and solution on/to the matter: standing classrooms.


In 2014, Mark Benden, Ph.D., et al., conducted a study where the group followed three elementary schools in central Texas to determine the effect of standing desks on caloric expenditure in children. They found out that kids who were in standing classrooms had raised energy expenditure than those who were in the seated setup. Not only that, the study made the interesting observation that the children who were in standing classrooms had exhibited an increase in participation in comparison to the other group who studied in traditional classroom setup. Based on these findings alone, it was evident that kids who studied with standing desks were healthier as they expended more calories during the day and were more participative, putting the children in a better position to excel in school and later on, in life.

Standing Desks have Health Benefits

If standing desks worked so well for kids, imagine what it can do for the workplace. With such an ergonomic instrument helping employees attain better health and improved efficiency—both necessary ingredients for a productive and successful business operation—you can just imagine how your workforce can accomplish more within one shift. And if you think you’re starting a revolution on your own if you put your faith in such a humble innovation, you’ll be surprised that standing desks are becoming both a commonplace and the future of corporate offices.


With you investing in such a revolutionary office technology, you could be working with a team that could spell the success for your brand. Just like those students in Dr. Benden’s study, your staff can be more focused at work as well as healthier in the long run when you put them in a working environment that requires them to stand than sit idle. Investing in standing desks and in your staff’s health, no doubt, will put you and your company in a win-win situation. In a nutshell, it’s another way to show your employees that you care about them as much as you value your success and they, in turn, will carry your business to new heights.

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