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Ikea Sit Stand Desk | Ikea Skarsta Desk Review

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Are Ikea Sit Stand Desks worth the Money

When it comes to buying furniture, Ikea may be the first brand that comes to your mind. It's no surprise though considering that the company offers a wide range of cost-effective products. While they're reputable to offer functional and stylish pieces, it can't be denied that there are also many reviews questioning the quality of some units. Thus, when you're considering an Ikea standing desk, you still need to carefully make an assessment.

There are essentially two main Ikea sit/stand desks: the manually adjustable Skarsta and the motorized Bekant. But perhaps the most important question you should ask is whether or not an adjustable standing desk Ikea has to offer will be suitable to your working style because if it does, then it's definitely worth the money. For this matter, it's best to look into the features of the products through this helpful Ikea standing desk review.

Tabletop Dimensions and Load Limits

The Skarsta's table top measures 27.5 x 47.25 inches, which is quite adequate if you're a laptop user. On the other hand, the Bekant may be suitable if you're a desktop PC user because of its working surface dimension of 31.5 x 63 inches.


Unfortunately, if you're the traditional worker who loves to put your heavy CPU, dual monitors and stacks of paperwork or books on your desk, you need to reconsider going for any of the Ikea stand up desk. The motorized version can only withstand a maximum load of 154 lbs. On the other hand, the crank-type model can only support 110 lbs.You may be eyeing the electrically adjustable Ikea desk model because it makes transitioning between sitting and standing positions more seamless. But if you're not generally working with a laptop or if you're not a minimalist kind of worker, you might also want to reconsider because the motor used in this unit is known to be under-powered for the purpose. In short, your supposedly smooth transition could actually be a stressful moment, as you could encounter problems when trying to raise the height of the working surface.

Maximum and Minimum Height Limits

The working surface of the motorized stand up desk Ikea unit can go as high as 48 inches, which should be cozy enough for most people who want to stand while working. Ergonomics-wise, however, the maximum height may not be ideal for those who are at least 6 feet tall. The manually adjustable standing desk, on the other hand, is even more difficult for 6-footers due to the furniture's maximum height of only 47.25 inches.

The Ikea motorized model can also go as low as 22 inches, which means that despite being a large desk that will make small apartments appear crammed, it can also turn into a coffee table for a more spacious feel. This minimum height can also be advantageous if you prefer to work while squatting on the floor. Unfortunately, the same things can't be said for the crank-version because its lowest height is only 27.5 inches.


So Can These Units Offer Great Value For Your Money?

Well, if you're a minimalist laptop user with an average height, perhaps the answer to the question is a yes. But at a price range of around $499 to $529 for the motorized unit, you can actually just add a few more dollars to be able to order a customizable, electrically driven sit-to-stand desk with similar features but built with high quality engineering and with maximum load of 225 lbs, all complemented with 10-year warranty and superb after-sales support.

As for Ikea's manual height-adjustable desk, it's only around $239; but would you really choose a crank-style desk with only 110-lbs load capacity over a motorized unit with more beneficial features?

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