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How to Find the Most Affordable Stand Up Desk That Isn't Flimsy or Poor Quality

  • 3 min read

How to Find the Most Affordable Stand Up Desk That Isn't Flimsy or Poor Quality

  There always seems to be fires to put out and hurdles to overcome when you're a new business owner. Missed deadlines, impossible clients, and maybe even a defective coffeemaker—your day-to-day is virtually guaranteed to be packed.

As if this wasn’t enough, startups also have to manage growing overhead and ensure their team stays productive and doesn’t underperform. All of this just so the budding company can remain afloat amidst stiff competition.

Thankfully, business innovations like standing desks can help better steer the ship. Not only do they help you attain a more productive workforce, they also ultimately help you to achieve a better ROI. Perhaps this is why many new and cutting edge companies are now scrambling to get their hands on such an ergonomic revolution.

Now, perhaps this sounds like you and you already realize the benefits that standing desk can provide you and your team… and you’re ready to invest. However, remember to exercise caution. With countless brands and models to choose from in today’s market, the last thing you want is to end up with a sit-to-stand that is flimsy or poorly designed resulting in wasted time, money, and a whole lot of frustration.

Here are the factors you want to consider when looking for a standing desk:


Let’s face it, we're lucky to be working with some of the lightest laptops and PCs the world has ever

known…and they will most likely only continue to get lighter. Yet this doesn't mean you should take for granted a sit-stand desk's weight capacity. The sturdiness of its desktop surface plus the stability of its lock and brake mechanism has to be considered. Make no mistake, the risk of your equipment falling to its doom from an overbearing load is real.


Cables are essential nuisances that we all have to live with when we work with computers, whether they be desktops, laptops or even tablets. Luckily, there are more than enough stand desk models that come with cable management features.

Another useful benefit found in some standing desk models is the ability to have a programmable height adjustment feature that makes it easier for you to shift between sitting and standing more consistently and more effortlessly. There are of course many more add ons and features to look for and it ultimately comes down to what works best for you and makes your life easier.


Would you want to manually adjust your desk's height every time or would you rather have the desktop shift between heights at the push of a button? At its most basic, your standing desk should make this process a seamless experience so you can focus entirely on the task at hand. Plus, it'd be great if the model you choose can do this quietly as well.


Who wants a disposable sit-stand desk? Probably not you. You want to go for models that guarantee long-term use as they offer the most return on investment as they won’t easily break on you. And for added peace of mind, make sure to go with a brand that offers a warranty on their products

So if  you ever feel like your mind is just going in circles as you try and decide on the kind of stand desk you want to invest in, try not to overthink the process and the details. Instead, pick a brand that you feel confident about and look at the models they offer to find one that fits your specific needs.

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