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How To Convert A Sitting Desk To A Standing Desk

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How To Convert A Sitting Desk To A Standing Desk


There are three easy methods to convert sitting desk to standing desk, which are explained below.  Nonetheless, the same core principles apply: The elbows should be at the same level as the keyboard (they are bent to 90 degrees), and the screen does not force the user to tilt his head up or down.


  1.  Boxes or stacks of textbooks

Putting boxes or stacks of textbooks on your existing desk is a quick-fix solution, albeit this is the least stable standing desk alternative.

The keyboard (and possibly mouse) must be propped up with a box or a stack of textbooks whose level is about the same level as your elbows.  Your screen, meanwhile, is ideally supported by another set of boxes or books that have more vertical height than the one holding the keyboard.

However, the ideal ergonomics is not possible if you are using a laptop.  Most likely, you will just stick to the ideal keyboard level and you would just tilt the screen to its “opening angle” (120-135 degrees).  Nonetheless, you will still bend your head down to a certain degree, which is really not your resting eye level.


  1.  Use attachments

Oristand and Varidesk are two examples of standing desks that are essentially just attachments—i.e., they are placed on top of the user’s existing desk.  However, this inherent design offers two notable benefits: they are generally cheaper than a full sit stand workstation, and their “two-step ladder” structure means that the keyboard and monitor are of different levels.

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Oristand is made of a strong but lightweight cardboard that can be easily assembled and folded back in a split second.

The simplicity of the assembling and disassembling process is a result of Oristand’s ingenious design.  And of course, its $25 price tag is always worth to mention.

Varidesk is also an attachment, although it offers a more flexible feature.  At the simple push of a button, the height of the keyboard and monitor “counter” can be adjusted, allowing you to alternate between sitting and standing in an instant.



  1.  Coffee table

If you need a sit stand computer desk but do not want to purchase a full standing workstation or even the “attachments” described above, a good alternative is to put a coffee table on top of your existing desk.

Just make sure that your desk is stable and its tabletop has a larger surface area to prevent the coffee table from wobbling and your gadgets from falling.

Important Note

Sit to stand desk offers the best of both worlds—it minimizes lower back pain caused by prolonged sitting and reduces leg fatigue.  The idea is to alternate between sitting and standing at least every 30-60 minutes.

Of course, it is also ideal to have quick breaks throughout the day (even just for 2 minutes) to stretch and walk around to improve circulation and mood and to prevent muscle weakness and discomfort.

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