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How Much Does an Adjustable Standing Desk Cost?

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How Much Does an Adjustable Standing Desk Cost?


Success doesn’t always come easy in business. That's why new companies spend countless hours seeking ways to cut corners. And tightening their belts wherever possible, entrepreneurs can ensure their young startups live to see yet another day.

On top of managing daily expenses, maintaining optimal productivity in the workplace is key. With U.S. companies losing an average of $450-550 billion annually to work inefficiency according to a report by Gallup, keeping a keen eye on employee efficiency isn't just an option, it’s a requirement.

Fortunately, monitoring their performance doesn’t have to be a tedious undertaking. It’s as simple as keeping them engaged and energized so you can forget about micromanaging. Now, how do you achieve this?

This is where standing desks come into play. Sitting all day has already been linked to inefficiency in the workplace and low employee employee wellbeing… so it’s key to create an open and dynamic environment for them to thrive in.

Yet, seeing as how you’re here, you might already be aware of this and just need a bit of help to figure out what’s the best deal for your value. Allow me to share with you what we’ve found...

PREMIUM Range ($1,000+)

When you're not willing to compromise on quality, these pricey standing desks may be your best bet. Not only are these among the most elegant ergonomic furniture you'll ever see, they also boast of impressive features.

Omega Everest (more or less around $1,864.00) – For its ergonomic flexibility and impressive stability, this electronically adjustable stand desk is a solid investment. If money is not an issue for you, then this might just be the model for you.

NextDesk Terra™ ($1,497.00 or more) – If you've been wishing to get all the finest features that money can buy on your first ever sit-to-stand desk, Terra should be on top of your list. Plus, this model affords you flexibility with its many accessories and customization options.

ThermoDesk Elite ($1,314.00) – Powerful motors and energy efficiency are two very attractive features of the Elite that you may have a hard time saying no to. In addition, its noise signature is minimal for an electronic stand desk.

VALUE Range ($500-$1000)

For anyone committed to achieving their standing goal, these mid-tier height-adjustable desks may offer the most bang for your buck.

SmartDesk With AI (roughly around $946) – Imagine a sit-to-stand desk that doubles as a personal assistant. That's what you're getting with this hybrid office furniture that even works with your smartphone/tablet/laptop.

The Uprise (as low as $819.00) – Quiet, strong, and customizable, Ergoprise's Uprise is a solid stand desk at this price range. Simply upgrade its default top into the sturdier bamboo and hardwood ones for better aesthetics.

StandDesk (starting at $489) – Offered at a fraction of the cost of almost half of the entries in this article, its beautifully minimalistic and highly customizable design is a smart take on this ergonomic innovation.

BUDGET Range (below $500)

Bargain hunters may pursue these cheaper alternatives, yet realize that there might be much functionality and value that you might be giving up in the process.

VARIDESK Pro Plus 36 ($395) – An upgrade from a conventional desk, this desktop attachment is portable enough to use on any desk and its height can be adjusted with a spring-assisted lift mechanism.

IKEA Bekant ($229.00) – The only standalone desk in this budget range, the Bekant impresses with its simplicity and design at a price that easily beats others similar to it.

Readydesk 2 (more or less $170.00) – Made of recyclable Birch wood, this Kickstarter product deserves a spot for its sheer portability, intriguing design, and tool-free construction. A decent first-hand experience for anyone curious enough to try the sit-stand lifestyle.

Despite the wide variety of options available to you at varying price points, the truth is that investing in sit-stand desks will cost you money upfront. So it may not be surprising if you're a little hesitant about getting it for the first time. However, don't let your lingering doubts blind you of the tremendous rewards that await you and your business when you incorporate standing desks into your office.

And remember, this ergonomic revolution can greatly impact and enrich your company culture—an essential ingredient for lasting success. With such an asset helping you create a highly engaged and motivated workforce, you are more likely to reach your goals and projections, and even surpass them while you continue to grow exponentially.

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