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The Top 4 Things To Look For in a Home Standing Desk

  • 3 min read

So you’ve decided to finally take thehealth research seriously and spend more of your time at work standing up instead of sitting down. First of all, welcome to thesit-stand desk family! You’ll be very happy with the results and, if you’re like the rest of us, you’ll notice an improvement immediately. 

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But before you can really join the club, you have to buy a home standing desk. We’ve identified four of the biggest, most important pivot points for your decision-making process to help you find the right sit-stand desk for you.

Does the Standing Desk Move Up and Down?

Just as you don’t want to be sitting down too much as a way to improve your health, you might not want to be standing all day, either. One of the most important considerations in any sit-stand desk is whether you can sit at it with a regular chair. In other words, does this desk move up and down? Can you make it a regular sitting desk, if you want to? 

While we’re on the subject, there are electronic options that make changing the elevation as easy as pushing a button. That might be a big selling point for you, especially if you need a little extra help lifting or moving heavy things. A desk that can adjust its height electronically is a great option for everyone. 

How Hard is the Standing Desk to Assemble?

Some people like the challenge of assembling complicated, multi-part furniture they get at one of those big, flat-pack stores based in Sweden. Some of us prefer to expend as little of our time as possible putting that furniture together. There are services that let you hire a person to come to your house and put your furniture together for you, but that’s not the best solution for everyone. 

Whatever your own personal opinion regarding the effort that should be expended putting together furniture, make sure that the standing desk you buy is exactly as hard or easy to assemble as you’re willing to put up with. Chances are, when it comes time to set the desk up, you’ll thank your Past Self for being so attentive to your Present Self’s needs. 

Does the Standing Desk Support Accessories?

Having a mat to stand on is a great option, but you don’t need a desk to use one of those. What you’re really looking for is a desk that’s sturdy enough to support things like monitor arm mounts. If you’ve never used one of those, you’ll be delighted by the ability to move your monitor (or any other accessory) to any elevation you want. Other accessories you’ll probably want to use include cable management solutions, power strips, and evenfiling cabinets.

top 4 things to look for in a home standing desk - filing cabinet
The Small Filing Cabinet sports a sleek, straightforward design to carry only what you need and tuck away to be practically unnoticeable.

Does the Standing Desk Have a Warranty?

A good warranty is a good sign that the company you’re buying from believes in its product. After all, they know what they’re making isn’t up to the tasks they’re designed for, they’re not going to cover it if something happens to it. 

We’re such big believers in our own products that we do more than just our 30 day return period. We provide a lifetime warranty on our desk frames and ten years of warranty on the internal components. 

StandDesk offers an industry-leading lifetime warranty on our standing desk frame, in addition to a ten-year warranty on the frame’s internal components. All standing desks and work surfaces are backed by our 30-day free return policy.

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