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Height-Adjustable Desks vs. Electric Sit-to-Stand Desks: What You Should Know

  • 3 min read

Height-Adjustable Desks vs. Electric Sit-to-Stand Desks: What You Should Know


A standing desk is more than just a piece of office furniture. These desks are lifestyle statements with the ability to change your life!

Seriously! Science supports us! Use one; you'll agree.

If you're looking to buy a standing desk, then you've probably already been convinced that sitting all day at work is bad for your health, energy, and productivity. Standing has been proven to increase productivity by 10%, reduce pain and risk of disease, and give you more energy as you work.

Making the decision to buy a standing desk can seem like the easy part when you start shopping and realize that there are a ton of options available. Now you'll have to wade through different types of standing desks, hoping you'll make the right choice and get the perfect desk!

Ah, the pressure!

What You Should Know

We'd like to make your decision a little easier by comparing two of the options available to you, height-adjustable desks and electronic sit-to-stand desks. Hopefully after reading, you'll have a better idea of which option you prefer, and your buying experience will be a little less stressful!

Height-Adjustable Desks

Not all height-adjustable desks are created equally.

Basic Height-Adjustable Desks

Basic Height-Adjustable Desks

If you're looking to go easy on the wallet, then a basic height-adjustable desk may be your best bet. Without the electric feature, these desks can cost less.

However, some of the height-adjustable desks are not made to easily transition from sitting to standing positions. If you're wanting a desk that allows you to adjust the height and then leave it alone, a basic height-adjustable desk will work great. No bells, no whistles, just set it up and go.

The major downside to this option is the lack of flexibility. There's no adjusting the height during the workday because of the time required to take everything off your desk, readjust, and then set up again. No one wants to lose valuable work time reorganizing their desk every day.

Manual Height-Adjustable Desks

Manual Height-Adjustable Desks

Image Credit: www.workrightofficefurniture.com

If you're buying a standing desk for the health benefits, you're going to want the option to easily adjust the height throughout the day. There are height-adjustable desks available that allow you to manually adjust the height of the desk with a crank. The crank is usually located under the corner of the desk.

You can generally go from sitting to standing in about 38 turns of the crank. This option definitely gives you more flexibility than a stationary desk, but because of the work involved, most people end up leaving their desk stationary anyway. This defeats the purpose of having an adjustable desk to begin with.

This option price starts around $250, a little cheaper than electric desks. However, savings usually aren't worth it when you consider having to manually crank the desk up and down multiple times a day.

Electric Sit-to-Stand Desks


If you're wanting to get all the benefits of easily transitioning between sitting and standing during the workday, then you should seriously consider buying an electric sit-to-stand desk. It takes just a push of a button to adjust the height, and for a little extra you can add memory to save your height settings.

The electronic feature makes it more likely that you'll actually use the sit-to-stand feature. You'll be investing a little more, StandDesks start at about $490, but we think it's worth it to get the most out of your life-changing desk.

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The Decision Is Yours

Hopefully we've cleared the air a bit and made your decision a little easier. Ultimately, you need to be happy with the desk you choose and satisfied with what it can do. Once you know what you want from your standing desk, then you can move forward and decide if a height-adjustable desk or electronic sit-to-stand desk is the right choice.

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