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Does Having an Adjustable Height Desk Make that Much of a Difference?

  • 3 min read

Does Having an Adjustable Height Desk Make that Much of a Difference?


Whether for yourself or for your office staff, investing in an adjustable height desk can make a difference in many aspects of your business including your productivity, your health and your overall outlook towards work.

You may be hesitant about changing your traditional desks into the height adjustable ones simply because of the additional costs, yet the benefits you can get for your business (and even for yourself) if you make a switch now can offset these costs in the long run.

1. Studies alone relating the use of standing desks to enhance your productivity are promising

A recent study on call center workers of a certain company revealed that productivity of employees using stand-capable workstations, including height adjustable desks, are higher by 45% versus those on traditional sitting desks. What's more is that those using the innovative desks had significantly increased their output from around 23% in the first 30 days to approximately 53% in the succeeding 6 months. Of course, the numbers may vary depending on your tasks and how you measure your output. Yet one thing is certain, the results of the study are indeed promising.

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2. An adjustable desk helps prevent a sedentary lifestyle and is beneficial to your well-being

Despite spending an hour or two a day in the gym, you are still living an inactive lifestyle if you are sitting around 8 hours daily while working. A height adjustable standing desk will let you alternate between sitting and standing, and thus, will give your body much needed stretching and activity throughout your day. It can't be emphasized enough how much prolonged sitting can promote a range of killer diseases including heart problems.


3. Reduces any form of absenteeism

If you're always sick, your output can go on a dive because you won't be able to work at all. The same thing can be said when you're managing an office. If your employees are fit (thanks in part to workstations with a manual or electrical height adjustable desk), absenteeism due to illness is significantly reduced. In short, you have enough manpower to run the business smoothly and efficiently every day.

But we're not just talking about physical absenteeism here. Have you heard of "presenteeism"? It's when you are at your desk but your mind is somewhere else because you're sick. In essence, you're basically not performing to your full potential.

4. Improves your concentration

Employees at a Latvia-based startup incubator ( Source) tested the effects of standing desks and revealed that they can focus more on completing their tasks at hand. This is because they will feel a sense of urgency to finish their job so that they can enjoy a quick sitting break.


It should be noted though that for tasks requiring creativity, the mind has to relax and the person will need to sit down. In this case, a desk that can be quickly adjusted or that can be transformed without much distraction is a viable choice.

5. Greater flexibility to suit your working style without sacrificing ergonomics

Desks should be ergonomically designed to accommodate your body's natural capabilities and limitations to avoid long-term injuries. One of the recommendations is that the length of your arm from the hand to the elbows should preferably be parallel to the floor at a slightly higher level than the working surface. A desk with a changeable height is definitely a wise investment because whether you're standing or sitting, you can be sure that the ergonomic measurements are maintained. To make the transition between sitting and standing smoother and more convenient, consider opting for an electric adjustable height desk.

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