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Buying a Stand-Up Computer Desk? 4 Things to Look For

  • 3 min read

Buying a Stand-Up Computer Desk? 4 Things to Look For


The fact that you're reading this means you might be drawn to the intoxicating promise of the countless benefits that standing desks have to offer … or you're simply curious to see why they've been called the “future of workstations.” Yet let’s face it, picking out the best one for you can be a bit confusing… and the fierce competition in this space has sparked up a myriad of options that are now making this process for you downright overwhelming...

From nifty types that you simply mount on a table to compact designs that afford you impressive mobility, there are so many options now to choose from. And realize this: whether you go for desktop attachments, DIY stand-only types, desk-treadmill hybrids, or height-adjustable desks, know that each one comes with its own sets of pros and cons.

things to look for buying a standing desk

So how do you exactly figure out what’s right for you? How do you avoid buying a foldable laptop stand with flimsy hinges or wobbly legs? The good news is, there are now ways to know which is a good investment for you. It all begins with you answering these questions:

 1. Are you looking for a manually adjustable desk or an electronically operated adjustable kind?

While both can be adjusted at will, the main difference is that more effort may be required to alter the former. Analyzing its potential effect in the workplace, it's safe to say that manually operated models can jeopardize a fraction of your staff's productivity rate. In fact, a qualitative study of sit-stand desks (entitled “Thinking on Your Feet”) which involves workers in Australian organizations, has revealed that fellow co-workers have been discouraged from using manually adjustable options because of their time-consuming and labor-intensive implications.

manually adjustable desk

 2. Do you care if your standing desk is noisy when you're adjusting it?

If you have owned or been around manually operated kinds you may have noticed the audible, even loud, metallic noises they make whenever you adjust their height. That's not to say that their electric counterparts are exempted from this minor flaw as some electronically powered varieties can run with relatively noisy motors, too. And while you may not really mind these nuisances in your own home office, it can be a disturbance when you work in a shared workspace or when dealing with multiple desks.

man working at standing desk

 3. Do you need a standalone standing desk or an on-desk attachment?

Space is an inevitable concern when you bring in new furniture into the workplace, especially when clutter and space constraints bother you and your staff. So if you have trusty desks that you're not ready to let go of just yet, perhaps desktop add-ons are your best bet. Yet if you wish to experience a more radical shift from a sedentary lifestyle from the get-go, go for a full stand-alone desk that prompts you to switch between sitting and standing with consistency. Not to mention that this type often affords you better wiggle room for you and your stuff.

 4. How much is your budget for a standing desk?

From the pricey albeit state-of-the-art Stir Kinetic desk F1 that'll set you back around $4000 to the no-frills yet efficient Sierra height-adjustable desk that costs a shade under $200, great options are surely in abundance in the market today. No doubt, you'll find the perfect desk regardless of how much you're willing to shell out. However, if you’re looking to invest in something that won’t break the bank yet is a fully adjustable sit to stand desk that’s easily adjusts with the push of a button, then StandDesk offers you an excellent middle ground. For around $500 you’ll get a cost effective deal that still retains many of the features found in more expensive models.

Because there seems to be a huge surplus of options when it comes to standing desks, we can't emphasize enough how important it is to know exactly what it is you're looking for in one. You have to be clear your goal and why you're buying this game-changing innovation to get the full list of benefits that standing desks have to offer.


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