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5 Facts Why an Adjustable Height Computer Desk Will Do More for Your Bottom Line

  • 3 min read

5 Facts Why an Adjustable Height Computer Desk Will Do More for Your Bottom Line


Many major companies understand the benefits of using an adjustable height computer desk. In fact, they are adopting standing desks for their employees in one way or another.

Whether you're an employee, an office manager or even an entrepreneur, you can also enjoy the wonders that an adjustable height standing desk can offer. Not convinced yet? Then perhaps you'll be persuaded after reading the following facts as to what this kind of working surface can do to your bottom line.

Boosts productivity

Perhaps one of the benefits of an adjustable standing desk that isn't immediately recognized is the link to productivity. Fortunately, there have been studies conducted regarding this. One of these is the research of the Texas A&M Health Science Center School of Public Health that recently revealed call center employees using stand-capable desks are 46% more productive than their co-employees using traditional desks. Such result may differ depending on the nature of your business, but it shows that the effects of standing desks to office workers are promising.

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Promotes long-term health benefits and encourages active lifestyle

The fact that an adjustable computer desk allows you to change positions while working means that you can stretch and move your body from time to time. In short, you can avoid a completely sedentary lifestyle compared to just sitting the whole time. In fact, you can burn around 50 calories while standing versus sitting. There have also been many studies that link to sedentary lifestyle to a variety of diseases and negative body conditions. Needless to say, if you are a healthy individual, you will have the physical, mental and psychological capacity to complete your tasks with high quality results. So does your employees.


Young workers using a standing desk

Reduces absenteeism

There are several ways to lower absenteeism in your company and one of these is to keep your employees healthy. As mentioned earlier, standing desks can promote long-term wellness to workers, and when they're healthy, the chances of calling in sick is greatly reduced, if not eliminated. Moreover, active individuals are more enthusiastic to come to the office and to face the challenges of the day.

Absenteeism is a bottomline killer. According to Circadian, a workforce solutions company, unexpected absenteeism makes a business lose around $2,700 for salaried staff and approximately $3,600 for hourly employees annually in the United States.

Great value for the money

Business owners should make sure that every dollar spent is for something more valuable. When adopting stand-capable workstations for your office, your available option is either a desk converter or an adjustable height office desk. If most of your employees are PC users or are laptop users using a second monitor, it's best to opt for the height-adjustable desks, which comes a bit cheaper than the premium converters or risers.


Coworkers in suits working while standing up

The bottomline is that you gain great value for the investment with the full desk considering that it is more stable and more durable than the converters. If you opt for these height-adjustable desks, you can sell your existing traditional ones and use the money to offset the purchasing costs. That's a more cost-saving move!

Boosts corporate image

Adopting stand-capable desks for employees gives the perception that you're looking after their welfare. In today's world, taking good care of the wellness and health of employees is definitely a remarkable move. Your employees will love you for it. Moreover, if your transition to standing desks is made public via blog posts by third-party publishers, you'll also gain a positive corporate image in the eyes of your target consumers and investors. Besides, people generally patronize companies with good, ethical practices, and therefore, adds more value to your bottomline.

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