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3 Reasons Why an Adjustable Standing Desk Will Improve Your Business

  • 3 min read

Reasons Why an Adjustable Standing Desk Will Improve Your Business 

An adjustable standing desk is beyond an office trend.  Studies and scientific data have clearly demonstrated its health benefits (e.g., improved mood, lower stress level, relief from postural problems and back pain, among others), which ultimately result in increased productivity.

The list below explains the 3 reasons why an adjustable standing desk will improve your business.


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1. Does a Standing Desk Lower Healthcare Costs?

All studies have pointed out that one critical way to manage cost is to encourage employees live a healthier lifestyle.  Of course, this also makes sense as the group health insurance costs are rising.

Some companies go beyond the typical wellness programs—e.g., preventive healthcare, disease and lifestyle management, and after-office Zumba—by giving their employees an option to use adjustable standup desk that also allows for sitting.

The stand up desk benefits have been clearly demonstrated by studies, provided that it is configured based on the user’s height and “ultimate comfort” (that’s where ergonomics comes into play); and he takes regular breaks to stretch and walk for at least every 30-60 minutes of working on a computer.

A sedentary lifestyle, which is further aggravated by prolonged sitting when traditional workstation is used, is linked to certain types of cancer, obesity, high stress level, systemic body discomfort and pain, and lethargy.  Interestingly, using an adjustable standup desk can mitigate these ill effects, particularly when you also take short breaks throughout the day.

And with healthier employees, you may also expect lower turnover rate and absenteeism, which ultimately benefit your business.

Coworkers with coffee and pencil working in standing desk

2. Does a Standing Desk Attract Employees?

About 75 percent of employees expect their companies to provide health and wellness programs, according to a recent survey released by HealthMine.  Hence, more than half of US employers who are already offering these incentives are considering adding more “attractive features” to lure the best talents.


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Remember that drawing “high-quality” employees does not all boil down to offering them attractive salaries.  These people are looking for a more holistic approach—i.e., they want a company that allows them to balance their personal life and career, and makes it easy or at least possible for them to live a healthier life.

The standing desk has almost become the hallmark of companies who are serious about making their employees healthy and happy.

3. Does a Standing Desk Increase Productivity?

While productivity is hard to quantify, one study has attempted to demonstrate how the use of adjustable stand up desk could improve efficiency in six months.

Researchers at Texas A&M Health Science Center School of Public Health monitored 74 call center employees who were asked to use stand-capable desks and found that they were 46 percent more productive than the controlled group (i.e., 90 workers who remained in their traditional seated workstation).

productive coworkers working in standing desk with pencil

The researchers based the level of productivity on the number of “successful” calls—i.e., the employees set new goals for their clients/callers who were also scheduled for a follow-up call.

While the researchers have not delved into the reason for increased productivity of workers who used the adjustable height stand up desk, they suggest that the improved concentration and energy level were possible contributing factors.

Another possible explanation was the reduction in fatigue and pain that usually affected the shoulder, wrist, hand, neck, and lower back, some experts said.


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