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17 Things That Are Killing You at Work

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17 Things That Are Killing You at Work

Standing desks can save you: It’s not just long commutes or bad lunches that can harm you. Here are 17 things that can actually kill you at work.

From your keyboard to your posture, hidden dangers luck everywhere. The good news is there simple tips and tricks you can do to combat the enemy.

1. Sitting all day long can shred years off your life

Sitting for long periods of time is horrible for your body. Not only does it cause persistent neck and back pain, it could also lead to an early death. See how standing can add years to your life.

2. Sagging in your chair can lead to long-term illnesses

If your job requires you to sit most of the day, it's best if you get a sitting aid that allows you to straighten your poor posture. Better yet, get a standing desk.

3. Don't skip breakfast

Always on the run and don't have time to eat the most important meal of the day? Doing this consistently will put your body in a stressful state and disrupt your metabolism.

4. Don't use a treadmill desk

Although a treadmill desk may help offset the risk of obesity and heart disease, these desks are also prone to increased typos and might cause you to fall more often than merely sitting in a chair.

5. Fast Food will increase your risk of heart disease

Most office-workers go out for an unhealthy lunch once in a while — some more than others — but even the occasional indulgence has negative effects.

6. Long commutes lead to poor sleep and high cholesterol

Commuting more than 10 miles by car can lead to higher blood sugar and increased cholesterol, according to a study from the University School of Medicine in Saint Louis and the Cooper Institute in Dallas. It can also increase your risk of depression, anxiety, and general misery.

7. Motivational meetings could depress people

In order to get workers excited about the company's mission, employers may host team-building exercises or motivational meetings. They may not have the same effect every one.

8. Re-circulated, stingy air clogs lungs

Certain toxic air can be harmful as well.

9. Exposure to printers could lead to lung disease

Chest pain and irritation in the lungs are caused by certain rays emitted by photocopiers and printers

10. Hot devices lower sperm count

If you use a laptop on your lap instead of a on standup desk, you can experience skin problems from the heat, and even more concerning news is that it could lead to a lower sperm count in men.

11. Working more than 10 hours a day may lead to a heart attack

European researchers found that people who work 10 hours or more every day have a 60% greater risk of a multitude of cardiovascular problems, including heart attack and angina.

12. Bad bosses can kill you

Studies have shown that working for an unfair boss may contribute to a host of issues, including depression, sleep problems, high blood pressure and obesity.

13. Working odd hours can cause weight gain and increase stress hormones

Working odd hours can cause weight gain

Those who mostly work in the evenings — such as programmers — are at greater risk for Type 2 diabetes, cancer, and heart disease.

14. Endlessly staring at a computer screen harms your vision

Even though computer screens don't give off radiation, they can still harm your vision.

15. Not getting enough sunlight

It makes it harder to fall asleep and more difficult to concentrate when you're awake. Artificial light doesn't just give your skin an unflattering greenish cast — it also messes with your internal clock, making you sleepy and sedentary.

16. Extreme boredom can kill you

You are more likely to die from heart disease or even a stroke. It's not just hyperbole — you can actually be bored to death.

17. Dirty keyboards

Keyboards can be a breeding ground for bacteria if not kept clean. Think E.coli and coliform.

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