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Why sitting is bad for you

There is a multitude of research available as to why sitting all day is terrible for your health. A selected collection of relevant research below.

Why Standing is Better

Steven Yu Bio

Steven Yu is the founder and lead product developer for StandDesk, Inc., a innovative company poised to change the way people stay healthy, happy, and productive.

From a very young age, Steven and his father (mechanical engineer) have designed, maintained, and repaired complicated machinery, like automative engines and transmissions. Although he received his undergraduate degree in Business Administration from the University of Southern California, he later applied his engineering talents during his International Masters Program in Beijing.

Steven took on a project to develop the most affordable electric powered actuating system. Armed with his childhood mechanical engineering skills and married with his unique business flare, Steven completed the project in record time and now is poised to provide an affordable sit-to-stand desk solutions to the world.